Our History

The earliest known photograph of Laugharne RFC team.
This was taken in 1893/94 outside Sea View, Laugharne.

No one is quite sure when Laugharne Rugby Football Club was formed or the game itself played here. Our Centenary was celebrated during the 1993/94 season and the photo above was the earliest actual proof of the club’s formation. However, it is said locally that Laugharne had a Rugby team in 1883, and quite probably in 1879, two years before the formation of the Welsh Rugby Union.In its early years, the Club played games on a friendly basis, not joining any League or Section, although Laugharne entered a League in Pembrokeshire in the 1930’s and after the War regularly competed in the Pembrokeshire Cup.In the early Fifties, Laugharne affiliated to Llanelli & District Junior Union and in 1956 adopted a formal cinstitution which is caefully preseved in the Minute Book for 1958/65. In the 1971/72 Laugharne joined the West Wales Rugby Union and began playing competitive rugby for the first time.Besides playing in the West Wales League, moving up a section some years and dropping down in others, Laugharne also competed each year in the Cup and began travelling further afield for friendly games against other clubs such as Czchoslovakai, Poland, Portugal ans Spain.

Extracts from Laugharne RFC Centenary Book

Author George Tremlett