Wrexham RFC | 1st Team 24 - 25 Laugharne RFC | 1st Team
Tomos Jameson
2 Conversion
1 Penalty
Owain Thomas
3 Try
1 Drop Goal

Match Report
20 October 2019 / Team News

Laugharne winners 25 points to 24

Well firstly I'd like to thank my mate Rob who told me to put £20 on Japan to reach the quarterfinals. He recently returned from Japan under suspicious circumstances, he told me he didn't like Typhoons and also sushi didn't agree with him, so I don't really know what happened.

I would also like to congratulate Wales on there win against Uraguay. Well done boys from all of us at LRFC.
Now the moment you've been waiting for today's report for yesterday's cup game against Wrexham.


The majority of the players and supporters went up on the Luxurious bus or should I say Coach provided by Bysiau Cwm Taf Valley. The rest drove up. Twiggy, Alwyn and Clem came with me, Twiggy provided the jelly babies and Clem the in flight entertainment. Three hours later we were there. We had a warm reception from the Wrexham players and staff at the club. The boys had a couple of pints and then we went out for the game.

Well let's talk rugby. The Wrexham pack looked pretty formidable and they were fairly physical at the breakdown, however as per the norm we performed well in the scrums and line outs, however there was slight disruption when Tomos Rees (Laugharne's answer to Alun Wyn) had to leave the field with a bloody nose, same nose as he injured last week. Carwyn came on and did a good job whilst Tom got treatment with Louise (who I didn't realise was best friends with my dance partner, Esther). It had started raining early on in the game which doesn't really suit our style of rugby but we ground out the first half with Wrexham opening the scoring with a nice try and got the conversion. We made some strong tackles and attacked there line with some nice carries by the forwards Dai Thomas putting in good performance in front of some of his family, who live locally (we probably will bus them to every game he plays in the future). We clawed back three points with a nice penalty by Jameson who was in charge of kicking duties for the day. Whilst Owz was back as outside half and we were all praying that he would produce a bit of his magic. He didn't disappoint us and scored a nice try which Jameson again slotted over. Wrexham had put a penalty over which saw a half time score of ten a piece.

Second half was very much the same but Wrexham were getting the upper hand and managed to get another couple of tries. But we didn't lie down and somebody must have hit Owz's nitro button. I witnessed him tackling one of the biggest players on the field and win the ball off him with ease, he was on a mission. It seemed to get our boys fired up again, putting in 100% again, attacking all the time, which took its toll as there were some big hits, prompting a few substitutions and a cracking interception and try from Owz, which Jameson duly kicked over. This game was boiling over and the Thousands of Laugharne fans that had traveled to watch the game were in for a dramatic ending as our boys pushed forward again, this time from our own 22, Mikey picking a hole in the defence and breaking a couple of tackles, flying down the right wing with Owain (Owz) giving support on the inside, Mikey passing the ball to Owz as he finally got tackled ten yards out, the ball going slightly behind him, but being a pure pro, he grabbed the ball with one hand shoved it between his butt cheeks and carried on running to go over for another cracking try. Unfortunately Jameson was unable to get the conversion. We were now two points adrift and the boys had put in a good shift, but we needed more!!! Wrexham were not smiling anymore and they had made some changes to try and hold our continuous attacks. Our forwards and backs hitting their lines, forcing Wrexham back to their five yard line, which they held really well until they were penalised, we decided we would go for the scrum again and again. Still no way through and time running out, time for man of the match to step up and step back in the pocket. Quick pass from Geth and he put over one sweet drop goal brushing the fingers of a desperately, defending, Wrexham player. The crowd went wild. Final Score Laugharne winners 25 points to 24. Cracking game. Thanks to Julie for the stats and fetching the ball from the car park to keep the game flowing. Thanks to Rob for holding the stats page for me to photograph because Julie was shaking too much. Thanks to the Supporters, thanks to Twiggy for the Jelly babies and finally thanks to our team, players, coaching staff, physio. You are brilliant.


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