24 January 2018 / Club News

Councillors Support Case for Benefits

The Athletic Club would like to thank the people of the Township of Laugharne for providing a detailed response and raising significant concerns regarding our proposal to the County Council Planning Officers that the development should only proceed if the same “Community Benefits” that were secured by a Section 106 in a previous application are secured. 

The community support went a long way in persuading the Council Members on the Planning Committee to support the Laugharne Athletic Club in its bid to secure the benefits promise by Mr & Mrs Thomas. We obtained 100% support from the committee yesterday.

We think the Planning Committee yesterday were fair and just in their decision to defer the Application and insisting that the Developer now includes the benefits before returning to committee. They showed an understanding of the sites planning history, listened the statements given and showed that the planning process is there not just for the developer to profit, but also showed that Communities themselves should have a say in how their Local Area can develop in the future years.

The club now intends to follow up the Councils Decision by make every effort they can to secure the long-term future of the playing fields through this planning process and obtaining the freehold of the field that was previously offered.

Athletic Club Committee

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